Shift White Label Goggles Roll Off System

STYLE #: 20954-012-OS
Color — Clear

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Clear vision through it all

The Shift White Label Goggles Roll Off System is the ultimate accessory for riders who demand the best in off-road performance. This system is designed to fit seamlessly with your Shift White Label goggles, and it adds a whole new level of functionality to your gear. The roll-off system uses a clear film that is attached to the goggle lens, and it can be pulled down over the lens when needed to wipe away dirt, dust, or other debris. The film is mounted on a small spool that is housed in a compact and durable container that is easy to install and use. The film is simple to reload, and the container is designed to be low profile so as not to impede your vision.

  • Compatible with Shift White Label Goggles
  • Includes roll system, lens and film canister
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