Made for Trailblazing

Purpose-built gear for epic off-road days where your only limit is how far you want to go.

We sent 4 guys, 4 bikes, and 4 sets of gear out to Utah's finest to give our new line a spin.

Here's manni, joey, justin, and ty to break it down:

Joey Lancaster Joey Lancaster Joey Lancaster Joey Lancaster

Joey Lancaster

The Mayor of the PNW MX scene

Justin Mulford Justin Mulford Justin Mulford Justin Mulford

Justin Mulford

AKA “Mulfs”

Skate/Snow/Street Moto Pioneer

Ty Tremaine Ty Tremaine Ty Tremaine Ty Tremaine

Ty Tremaine

Off-Road/EnduroCross specialist

Manni Manni Manni Manni


AKA “Manni”

Multi-time Hard Enduro Champion

"The landscape was unbelievable; we found a ton of fun sections to play on"

- Manni

Legion seamlessly blends durable fabrics and functional features so you can focus on the ride and the good times.

"We’re 10 hours and 43 minutes in - that’s f#%kin legion"

- Joey Lancaster

No lap times out here. Success on the trail is measured in miles and laughs shared. Using advanced fabric technology like Cordura® and Polartec® Delta, Fox Off Road keeps you comfortable hour after hour.

"This trip has opened my mind to a new world of riding"

- Justin Mulford

When you break the confines of the track, you have to be ready for anything. From the heat of the desert to the cold of the mountains, Fox Off Road will have you prepared for your all-day full pull.

"I could ride here all day and never get bored"

- Ty Tremaine

Trail riding is diverse and everchanging. Out in the wilderness, weather conditions can change drastically throughout the day. Equipped with the versatile Off Road collection, you’ll be prepared for changes overhead and under tread.

Off Road

Little compares to the escape of riding off-road. All that matters is your crew, the dirt in front of you, and the new destinations waiting to be discovered. This is freedom. Off Road gear is purpose-built for these epic off-road days. Grab your riding buddies and start your journey.

A group of enduro riders navigating a rocky stream.
A close up of a man pants, two dirt biker are in the background.
A group of enduro riders on a series of turns.
A group of enduro rider riding in the distance.
A group of enduro riders stopped on cliff's edge.
A group of enduro riders off their bikes and talking.
A group of enduro riders resting, a large lens flare has them in silhouette.
A dirt biker wearing a helmet, camo jersey and hydration pack.
A dirt biking do a wheelie through a desert landscape.
A dirt biking riding down a steep rocky drop.
Three dirt biking riding in a line, following one by one.