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Fox Presents | Pat Casey | Made For This

Fox Presents | Pat Casey | Made For This

When you travel nonstop for a living, some of the best days on your bike are spent close to home. In between Pat Casey's hectic schedule, he make it a priority to spend quality time at home with his family. With a wife, one-year-old son and a daughter on the way, it’s not always easy to break out and ride, but lucky for Pat he lives in Southern California and there’s no shortage of parks and covert ditches to keep him occupied.


Out the backdoor of the family homestead in Riverside, Pat maintains an array of ramps and dirt jumps, which is perfect for a quick session when the kiddo’s napping. For this edit the man busied himself at the Chino and Pala skateparks, as well as some local ditches.


Today Pat is 21 years old and continues to spread his influence on the BMX world. He first blew up on the scene when he was 16 years old and is a proven threat anytime he hits the X Games stage. With a number of X medals to his credit, he’s also credited with being the first-ever to land a decade backflip (at the 2011 FISE France event). He then followed that up with a first-ever double decade the following year (at FISA Costa Rica). 


Pat may be enjoying a little staycation with the family, but he certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. He is very much “Made For This.”


Photos By: Brandon Means and Nick Tellez 

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