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  • FOX BMX Presents | Scotty Cranmer | Made For This

FOX BMX Presents | Scotty Cranmer | Made For This

FOX BMX Presents | Scotty Cranmer | Made For This

Dedicating himself to his hometown terrain for the past several months, Scotty Cranmer has been doggedly filming around his native New Jersey. And judging by his new video drop, it’s been time well spent.

“I like doing my own thing. I like competing against myself, and I guess that’s what BMX is—a constant competition against yourself,” says Cranmer.

Hailing from Jackson Township, riding BMX has always been central to Cranmer’s life. Like so many up-and-comers, it all began behind the starting line. After cutting his teeth on the racetrack for a while, life on the bike exploded into a whole lot more. Quickly Cranmer came to realize that he was made for this.

“This is the town I found my first BMX bike. This is the town I crashed my first BMX bike. It’s where I learned my first trick,” adds Cranmer.

Today, capable of riding just about anything with supreme confidence, his passion and dedication to BMX are unquestionable.

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