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  • Terrafirma 3 - Digitally Remastered

Terrafirma 3 - Digitally Remastered

Terrafirma 3 - Digitally Remastered

The 3rd installment of Terrifirma continued to build on the formula of great footage and iconic riders with the perfect soundtrack. The T3 opening scene features helicopter footage of desert racing legend Johnny Campbell pinned wide open on a Honda XR 650 on a dry lake bed. This dynamic footage set the stage for the balance of the T3 video which includes 1996 Supercross footage of McGrath’s near perfect season a road trip that captures an initial look at Mike Metzger free riding Jeff Emig’s outdoor title and the 1996 MXON event in Spain.


“Who else misses watching McGrath race Supercross? Terrafirma 3 had a killer SX section with crazy race action between MC, Fro, KW, Ryno and the rest of the top pros. That generation of racers took the sport to a new level and was going for broke like never before." - Pete Fox


Jeremy McGrath, Mike Metzger, Johnny Campbell, Steve Lamson, Kevin Whindham, Doug Henry, John Dowd, Danny Ham, Lee Hogan, Ben Jones, Robbie Reynard, Guy Cooper, Jeff Emig, Robbie Skaggs, Carey Hart, Ricky Carmichael, Kristy Shealy, Nick Wey, Robbie Horton, James Stewart, Damon Bradshaw, Travis Pastrana, Greg Albertyn, Ryan Hughes





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