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A Super (Grom) Day

A Super (Grom) Day

The future of the sport looks bright! Last Saturday, we hosted the first-ever Stacyc Super-Grom Challenge. Nearly 200 young riders came out for a day of racing and good vibes. There were many cheers and a few spills; a great time was had by all. As the 2020 Supercross season approaches, there is much to be said about these groms. These kids are the future of our sport! The goal of getting riders to experience that “first ride” at an early age is a valuable one. We can’t think of a better experience than this weekend’s event. It’s amazing to partner with brands like Stacyc to help to grow our sport. That’s something we can all get behind. The team from Sawpmoto Live came out to cover the event. Be sure to checkout their event highlight reel below.




This event will mark the largest STACYC race event to date! In addition to the racing action, riders were able to freeride on a custom STACYC track, warm-up on the pump track, and participate in STACYC demo rides. Different classes included: 16eDrive - Advanced, 16eDrive - Beginner, 12eDrive - Advanced, 12eDrive - Beginner. The winner of each class received a grand prize Fox Package, and all podium finishers were awarded with a STACYC trophy! We are looking forward to more events with STACYC in the future.





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