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  • Never let the heat slow you down

Never let the heat slow you down

Never let the heat slow you down

The Fox Racing Airline gear set has a reputation. It's lightweight, and breathable beyond compare, constructed with an open-mesh fabric, it's specifically designed for hot and humid riding conditions. Today, we take the trusted Airline jersey and pant one step further - increasing airflow, reducing weight and improving flexibility.



Hot riding conditions put additional demands on you and your gear. Relentless heat, suffocating humidity and uncomfortable, sweaty gear not only rob performance, but they make your ride less fun. And that’s the only reason we’re riding anyways. Our all-new Airline gear set was designed to maximize your comfort in the hottest and most humid conditions. The jersey is lightweight, moisture wicking, and so unbelievably airy you’ll think someone turned the AC on. The pants follow suit with a vented lower leg and targeted venting throughout, specifically designed to maximize airflow and comfort. Motocross in the summer can be brutal. Get prepared for hot weather riding with the Airline gear set and give yourself an unfair advantage on the track.



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