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Las Vegas Recap

Las Vegas Recap

This year, the Supercross Championship titles would be settled in Las Vegas. With several riders within striking distance, it was any one's race. When it was all said and done, Cooper Webb secured the 450 title, Chase Sexton took the 250 East, and Adam Cianciarulo would be upset by Dylan Ferrandis in the 250 West. It was a wild one this year, to say the least. We are extremely proud of everyone's accomplishments in the 2019 Season. We’ll give the last word to our team of athletes:



Chase Sexton 23

"We did it!!! 2019 East Coast Supercross champion sounds so good!! Proud of how we progressed through the season and really found my stride toward the end when it counted! Geico Honda has been with me through it all, along with my family and it feels so good to share this with them!! Got the job done and now the focus is on outdoors! Thanks for everyone that has reached out it means so much!! Vegas treated us well!!"


Adam Cianciarulo 92

"A few years ago I had almost come to terms with the fact that I would never get back to the level of competing for a championship. I fought and clawed my way back slowly but surely to give myself that opportunity again last night. Obviously, it ended in devastating fashion for me. I’m disappointed in myself. I’m disappointed I didn’t deliver for the people that have supported me and invested in me. I’m not going to feel sorry for myself, though - because I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe in “why me”. I believe in taking accountability. I made a mistake at a crucial time and it cost me. That’s it. I will continue to give it my absolute best and I will overcome this, just like that kid who thought he was done back in 2016 did. I appreciate all the support, and I’m looking forward to a great summer."


Garrett Marchbanks 61

"Can’t thank my team enough for my rookie SX season. Lots of ups and downs but tons of experience. On to the outdoor season."


Rj Hampshire 31

"Crazy night in Vegas! Heat race win and P.2 in the east/west shootout. That main event was such a rollercoaster. I was struggling so bad in the beginning of the race and was super happy with how I recovered the last 4-5 laps. Huge weekend for my team Geico Honda, just want to say thank you to everyone that plays apart and hung in there this year. Congrats on the championship Chase Sexton. Let’s get this outdoor season started."


Cameron McAdoo 44

"Wow. The feeling of getting your first podium, and it being the showdown in Vegas is indescribable. I can’t thank everyone in my corner enough for believing in me the entire time. The progress we have made with the Geico Honda team this year has been awesome. Thank you to every single crew member for their work day in and day out to make this happen."


Martin Davalos 73

"Well guys I have officially pointed out of the lites class! I’m sure a lot of you are very happy, I am too! 101 races is a lot of races but it was a good run. I really hope I get an opportunity to show what I’m capable to do on the big bike.... until then I’m going to have fun racing outdoors and we will see what happens in the future. Stay tuned!!!!"



Ken Roczen #94

Although the whole season didn’t go like i wanted it to, we have a lot of good things to take away from it. I have shown some good speed here and there and most importantly made it healthy thru all 17 rounds. That alone will help me for the future. For now, we have to take it as it is. I as a rider and of course also my team will never give up chasing our dream of many wins and championships. To all my fans and supporters of the sport, you guys were amazing. Very fun to see the support and positive vibes every single weekend. It is much appreciated!



450 Class:

  • 1 – Eli Tomac
  • 2 – Marvin Musquin
  • 3 – Cooper Webb
  • 4 – Ken Roczen
  • 5 – Zach Osborne
  • 6 – Cole Seely
  • 7 – Blake Baggett
  • 8 – Tyler Bowers
  • 9 – Justin Hill
  • 10 – Justin Bogle

250 Class:

  • 1 – Dylan Ferrandis
  • 2 – RJ Hampshire
  • 3 – Cameron Mcadoo
  • 4 – Chase Sexton
  • 5 – Colt Nichols
  • 6 – Michael Mosiman
  • 7 – Justin Cooper
  • 8 – Justin Starling (20 laps)
  • 9 – Martin Davalos
  • 10 – Garrett Marchbanks



Pro Outdoors Motocross starts May 18th at Hangtown.

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