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Jr. Motocross

Jr. Motocross

2018 JR. Motocross

Motocross families from across the United States swarmed the Lazy E arena this past weekend for the 3rd annual JR. Motocross event. Nestled in Guthrie, OK the Lazy E arena is the largest horse arena in North America. The dirt inside the arena is the best dirt a motocross racer could ever imagine riding on.

A small group of the Team Fox family was on hand to do damage within this arena on Saturday night.

First rider out of the gate was Jeremy Ryan. Jeremy suffered from a massive cold a few days before the event. Even spent Thursday in the hospital he was so sick. Jeremy sucked it up and went out in his first race and placed 2nd over-all in the Supermini 2 class. Jeremy's big heart didn't stop there. Next in line was the "Jesse Cup". Jesse Cup" is a race that features the top 6 athletes from the Supermini classes. The coveted " Jesse Cup" is a race in memory of Jesse Masterpool one of the best up and coming motocross athletes that past away years ago. With the focus of a sharp shooter, Jeremy went out and lead the "Jesse Cup" race from start to finish, claiming his first ever victory at the JR. Motocross event.

Another amazing feat was Fox team athlete Jesse Flock cleaning up all 3 classes he entered with authority. Jesse never hole-shoted a single event. Rather he started mid pack and would quickly slither his way through the narrow, tight one line track. His aggressive, smooth style made the event more than exciting for the crowd on hand. Jesse collect the Schoolboy 2, Open B and the 250 B title giving him a perfect score on his motos for the weekend.

Other outstanding rides were put in by Thor Powell in the 65cc 10-11 class. Thor was able to secure the holeshot and lead the race for several laps before getting passed. Thor ended up 2nd over-all on the night. Lastly, newest Fox team athlete Grant Harlan put on an amazing show within his main events. Grant lead most of his races at the JR. Moto x only to get edged out by friend and his Fox team mate Jesse Flock.

Team Fox Results:

1st Place

Jesse Flock – 250 B 

Jesse Flock – Schoolboy 2 (13-16) 

Jesse Flock – Open B 

Jeremy Ryan – Jesse Cup 


2nd Place

Grant Harlan - Schoolboy 2 (13-16) 

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 2 (13-16) 

Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-12) 

Thor Powell – 65cc Limited (10-11) 


3rd Place

Grant Harlan – 250 B 

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