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  • Freestone, TX Spring Championships

Freestone, TX Spring Championships

Freestone, TX Spring Championships

2018 Freestone Spring Championship

Wortham, Texas

March 19-24th, 2018


The Freestone Spring Championship, for many, was the final stop of a long run of Spring racing over the month of March.  Taking place at the iconic Miller Ranch in Wortham Texas, this premier venue continues to draw the top talent from across the nation to prove themselves amongst the amateur ranks.  It’s unusual to run this entire event without a single day of rain, though the windy conditions proved it difficult for the crew to keep enough moisture on the track with the wind blowing all week long.  Luckily Friday and Saturday came with some cloud cover and kept the course in prime condition.

Garrett Marchbanks has been paving the road to his soon to be professional career for years now, and this week was no different as Garrett won both 250 A Pro Sport and Open A Pro Sport premier classes!  This was especially tough, as these two classes were a 3-moto format, 6 motos total, Garrett had to stay consistent all week, and battle back from a first moto crash.  Brazilian Enzo Lopes, also put a great performance together in 250 A and Open A Pro Sport classes, ultimately winning 1 moto, and 3 motos on the podium until an unfortunate crash in his final race as he was heading into the 250 A Pro Sport with a 3-2 score.  Freestone also marks the 2nd round of the WMX Pro Women’s series. Rookie Jordan Jarvis dominated the field with a 1-1 finish and her first overall WMX win!  An early present to herself, as the young lady also celebrated her 17th birthday during the event.  Oklahoma native, Jesse Flock, had his hands full this past week, as Jesse lined up for a total of 5 classes.  Jesse came away with 2 moto wins, and three overall podiums in the 250 B and 450 B classes.  Hardy Munoz, from Chile, also battled his way to 2 podium finishes in the 250 B and College classes.  Out of the Northwest corner of the US, Levi Kitchen made the trip to Texas worth while with a 125cc (12-16) third place finish, along with NorCal’s Enzo Temmerman in the 85cc (9-10) Limited class landing a silver medal ride with in second place.

Congratulations to all competitors that lined up at this event, as the pool of talent was exceptional.  Below is a list of top 3 performances by the Fox team.


Link to full results:



Photo credit:  Jake Souder @hbmotoco



1st Place Champion

Garrett Marchbanks - 250 A Pro Sport

Garrett Marchbanks – Open A Pro Sport

Jordan Jarvis – WMX Pro


2nd Place

Jesse Flock – 450 B Limited

Hardy Munoz – 250 B

Enzo Temmerman – 85cc (9-10) Limited

Abram Zies – 35+


3rd Place

Enzo Lopes – Open A Pro Sport

Jesse Flock – 250 B Limited

Jesse Flock – 450 B

Hardy Munoz – College (16-24)

Levi Kitchen – 125cc (12-16)

Shelby Rolen – WMX Pro

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