The 2019 Fox Raceway National is coming. On May 25th, the world’s fastest riders will battle it out at the second stop of the Pro Motocross series. Hopefully, you already have your tickets, if not, scroll below for more information. We'll be kicking things off on Thursday, May 23rd. Come visit the Fox Racing Trailer onsite where you can score some swag, enter a raffle to upgrade your Fox Raceway National tickets and become a VIP, shop limited edition products, and more. We’ll be there through Sunday, so come by and say hi.



Location: Fox Raceway
Address: 12799 California Highway 76, Pala, CA 92059 US



  • Thursday (5/23): 9:00 am – 5:00 pm *Open to campers
  • Friday (5/24): 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Saturday (5/25): 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Sunday (5/26): 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Onsite Events:

  • Free Fox Swag at the Fox Racing trailer
  • Raffle: Enter to upgrade your ticket to VIP
  • Limited Edition apparel, while supplies last
  • Shopping, Thursday - Sunday


Map of the 2019 Fox Raceway National at Pala, California


Fox Racing Retail Store

The Fox Retail Store will be open all weekend long, so you can pick up some Fox Racing merch while you're enjoying all the action.

Store Hours

Friday – Sunday: 9am to 4pm

Store Phone:


Store Address:

12799 California Highway 76, Pala, CA 92059 US



The Fox Raceway National has many ticket options available including VIP packages, pit passes, and camping tickets.
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Ricky Carmichael on this dirt bike and wearing Fox V3 Helmet



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Close up of Cameron McAdoo's black V3 helmet



Las Vegas Recap

This year, the Supercross Championship titles would be settled in Las Vegas. With several riders within striking distance, it was any one's race. When it was all said and done, Cooper Webb secured the 450 title, Chase Sexton took the 250 East, and Adam Cianciarulo would be upset by Dylan Ferrandis in the 250 West. It was a wild one this year, to say the least. We are extremely proud of everyone's accomplishments in the 2019 Season. We’ll give the last word to our team of athletes:



Chase Sexton 23

"We did it!!! 2019 East Coast Supercross champion sounds so good!! Proud of how we progressed through the season and really found my stride toward the end when it counted! Geico Honda has been with me through it all, along with my family and it feels so good to share this with them!! Got the job done and now the focus is on outdoors! Thanks for everyone that has reached out it means so much!! Vegas treated us well!!"


Adam Cianciarulo 92

"A few years ago I had almost come to terms with the fact that I would never get back to the level of competing for a championship. I fought and clawed my way back slowly but surely to give myself that opportunity again last night. Obviously, it ended in devastating fashion for me. I’m disappointed in myself. I’m disappointed I didn’t deliver for the people that have supported me and invested in me. I’m not going to feel sorry for myself, though - because I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe in “why me”. I believe in taking accountability. I made a mistake at a crucial time and it cost me. That’s it. I will continue to give it my absolute best and I will overcome this, just like that kid who thought he was done back in 2016 did. I appreciate all the support, and I’m looking forward to a great summer."


Garrett Marchbanks 61

"Can’t thank my team enough for my rookie SX season. Lots of ups and downs but tons of experience. On to the outdoor season."


Rj Hampshire 31

"Crazy night in Vegas! Heat race win and P.2 in the east/west shootout. That main event was such a rollercoaster. I was struggling so bad in the beginning of the race and was super happy with how I recovered the last 4-5 laps. Huge weekend for my team Geico Honda, just want to say thank you to everyone that plays apart and hung in there this year. Congrats on the championship Chase Sexton. Let’s get this outdoor season started."


Cameron McAdoo 44

"Wow. The feeling of getting your first podium, and it being the showdown in Vegas is indescribable. I can’t thank everyone in my corner enough for believing in me the entire time. The progress we have made with the Geico Honda team this year has been awesome. Thank you to every single crew member for their work day in and day out to make this happen."


Martin Davalos 73

"Well guys I have officially pointed out of the lites class! I’m sure a lot of you are very happy, I am too! 101 races is a lot of races but it was a good run. I really hope I get an opportunity to show what I’m capable to do on the big bike.... until then I’m going to have fun racing outdoors and we will see what happens in the future. Stay tuned!!!!"



Ken Roczen #94

Although the whole season didn’t go like i wanted it to, we have a lot of good things to take away from it. I have shown some good speed here and there and most importantly made it healthy thru all 17 rounds. That alone will help me for the future. For now, we have to take it as it is. I as a rider and of course also my team will never give up chasing our dream of many wins and championships. To all my fans and supporters of the sport, you guys were amazing. Very fun to see the support and positive vibes every single weekend. It is much appreciated!



450 Class:

  • 1 – Eli Tomac
  • 2 – Marvin Musquin
  • 3 – Cooper Webb
  • 4 – Ken Roczen
  • 5 – Zach Osborne
  • 6 – Cole Seely
  • 7 – Blake Baggett
  • 8 – Tyler Bowers
  • 9 – Justin Hill
  • 10 – Justin Bogle

250 Class:

  • 1 – Dylan Ferrandis
  • 2 – RJ Hampshire
  • 3 – Cameron Mcadoo
  • 4 – Chase Sexton
  • 5 – Colt Nichols
  • 6 – Michael Mosiman
  • 7 – Justin Cooper
  • 8 – Justin Starling (20 laps)
  • 9 – Martin Davalos
  • 10 – Garrett Marchbanks



Pro Outdoors Motocross starts May 18th at Hangtown.

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Tickets (while supplies last) for your free Women's Fox Raceway Tank will be distributed at the front gate. These tickets will be redeemable at the on-site Fox Racing retail store.


Fox Racing Retail Store


Friday – Sunday
9am to 4pm



Fox Racing Retail Store
12799 State Hwy 76
Pala CA 92059






Thanks to record rainfall, the Southern California hills are alive like never before. This sudden explosion of flowers is called a Super Bloom, and there is a bunch of science to explain the phenomenon, but we’ll leave that to those more qualified. We just knew it was an awe-inspiring landscape we wanted to experience for ourselves… and on two wheels.


Photo of dirt bikers riding in the hills


When we decided to explore the rolling green and orange hills, we reached out to the Enduro Lyfe boys (they’re always down for a good time). We set out after work and rode until the setting sun told us to stop. We, of course, brought along our resident photo guru, Gordon Dooley, to capture every moment.


Two dirt bikers riding in the poppy-filled hills of Southern California




The fields were blanketed as far as the eye could see. Cresting each hill unveiled a myriad of flowers dotting the landscape. We had to stop numerous times just to sit and take in the view. Even though Southern California is a popular center of life, and highway traffic and crowds are the norm, out in the rolling hills we felt a million miles from anywhere.


Collage of three photos showing a group of dirt bike riders navigating poppy-filled fields


This is why offroad embodies everything we love about riding. Enduro bikes are freedom machines. As soon as your tires hit the dirt, the concerns of daily life fade. There is nothing more valuable than these moments. Remember, you don’t have to travel to some far away land to escape, you can find freedom in your own backyard.


If you'd like to check out the equipment used during the ride:



You might remember the initial launch of our Fox MX19 Legion Offroad gear last fall, where it was put to the test by Carey Hart and Ricky Carmichael. The Goat gave it his stamp of approval, but just for good measure, we equipped the Enduro Lyfe guys with a Legion Kit each to test a new set of conditions – proving this offroad gear has 4-season versatility.


Group of ride bike riders standing and talking with a rolling hills in the distants


The Offroad jersey is durable yet lightweight and breathable – brains and brawn. Thanks to Cordura® sleeves, it brushes off unexpected encounters with bushes, tree branches, and, when things get real sideways, the dirt. The Offroad pants have the same performance chassis as the beloved 360 pants, but with reinforced Cordura® Ripstop paneling to protect from trail-related wear and tear. Plus, a smart pocketing system gives you a place to store your keys, cell phone… maybe a snack. Basically, anything you want to keep within arm’s reach.


Solo dirt bike riding sitting on his bike and taking in the view


Rounding out the Legion collection is a convertible jacket, which gives you the versatility of a vest and jacket in one. As a vest, it adds wind and abrasion resistance to your gearset without overheating. When the sun dropped below the mountains, attaching the sleeves gave us the additional coverage we needed as temperatures fell. And when it was time to switch on the headlights, the reflective trims kept everyone visible.



After a climatic end to the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series, the start of the 2019 season has been highly anticipated but soft spring soil conditions in BC, the opening round of the AX Tour in Abbotsford always proves to be a wild card race that anyone can win.


After a big crash during last year’s season finale, MX1 rider Colton Facciotti was not lining up for the AX Tour portion of the series to allow for more recovery time prior to the MX Tour. MX2 rider Dylan Wright would be the lone GDR/Honda rider during the AX Tour. After a disappointing result in last year’s Abbotsford Arenacross with a mechanical DNF, Wright was looking for a stronger start to his season in 2019.


With the dismal track conditions, riders struggled to put in decent laps with most opting to use their laps to survey the lines that were forming and constantly changing. Wright cruised around with hopes of putting in a strong qualifying time in the second session, but it was cut short due to deteriorating track conditions as well as timing & scoring issues. Dylan would have to rely on his 6th place qualifying time from session 1.


A bad qualifying time means a bad gate pick, so Dylan had to make the most of his starting position in the Heat race to advance himself into the Main Event. Wright took the holeshot and led every lap on route to the first heat race win of the season and his Main Event was looking promising for the GDR/Honda team.


With the soft soil conditions, the carnage on the first lap of the Main Event was almost unavoidable and Wright got tangled with a rider in the second corner. After crashing off the track, Wright struggling to re-enter which left him battling back from last place up to 7th place by the finish. But amongst all the chaos, it was Texas Native, Ryder Owens who was the surprise winner of Round 1 taking the first victory of the season!



Round 2 of the AX Tour will be in Calgary, Alberta at the Western Arguem centre. Soil consistency is a dry, hard packed base that favours riders with smooth throttle control.

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The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series arrived in Calgary, Alberta for round 2 of the AX Tour Championship. Riders and teams were anxiously awaiting the dry and sifted rodeo dirt of the Western Agrium Centre that always creates a great racing track. The track for this weekend’s race had a technical rhythm section followed by a deep set of whoops that were separating riders who were able to put in the proper off-season AX training.


With the NHL playoffs game night heating up in the arena located directly next to the Arenacross race, the atmosphere and city were buzzing. As lifelong hockey fan, Dylan Wright wanted to support the city’s team and came out for opening ceremonies wearing a Calgary Flames jersey.


During the MX2 qualifications, GDR/Honda Canada/Fox Racing’s Wright grabbed the holeshot in his heat race and went on to lead every lap on route to his second heat race win of the season. Fox Racing support rider Brad Nauditt also grabbed the holeshot in his heat race and put in a good battle for the win but would have to settle for the 2nd place spot.


In Arenacross, the tight confines of the area make the starts the most crucial element to the race. As the gate dropped for the first dry Main Event of the season, Brad Nauditt got the Royal Distributing holeshot award and lead for the opening six laps of the race before being passed by a lurking Dylan Wright. Wright went on to lead the remaining laps of the race on the way to his first victory of the season. Nauditt had his hands full for the next seven laps before being overtaken with two laps remaining and he finished the race in 3rd place.


Leaving Calgary with his first victory of the season, the MX2 series points lead and the MX2 Triple Crown points lead, Dylan and the GDR/Honda Canada/Fox Racing team will now have all eyes on them as they carry the red plate into Round 3.


AX Tour Round 2 Race Results:

  • 1st – Dylan Wright
  • 2nd – Marco Cannella
  • 3rd – Brad Nauditt
  • 4th – Jyire Mitchel
  • 5th – Luke Renzlandl

AX Tour MX2 Series Standings:

  • 1st – Dylan Wright – 51 pts
  • 2nd – Marco Cannella – 50 pts
  • 3rd – Luke Renzland – 48 pts
  • 4th – Brad Nauditt – 45 pts
  • 5th – Tyler Medaglia – 45 pts



Round 3 of the AX Tour will be in Sarnia, Ontario at the Progressive Auto Center.

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Denver racing started in the snow but that didn’t cool off Adam Cianciarulo. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider was on fire in Denver. When the riding was done, the snow had melted and Adam earned his 5th win, extending his points lead to eight.



Adam Cianciarulo #92

In the main event, Michael Mosiman took the holeshot. Adam quickly followed in behind him. The Kawasaki pilot stalked Moisman for several laps and made repeated pass attempts – all of which were fended off. On lap seven, Adam would make the pass after a 4-turn-long, back and forth battle. With a clear track, he would ride to victory inside Broncos Stadium at Mile High.


“I’m always at my best when my backs against the wall. Man, I couldn’t be more proud of myself, couldn’t be more proud of the team. We got one more to go; I’ve had a good record in Vegas, so really confident there. But, I have to keep my foot on the pedal.”



Honda pilots Rj Hampshire and Cameron McAdoo had an up-and-down night, but their perseverance made the difference. In the main, their battle towards the front would force them to face off. The teammates would battle for several laps with Hampshire eventually edging out McAdoo. Rj Hampshire would take 4th at the Denver Supercross at Mile High stadium and Cameron McAdoo finished 6th.



Ken Roczen #94

In the main, Ken Roczen didn’t get the jump he needed. He was buried in the pack and when positions settled he found himself in 9th. The Honda pilot quickly made passes, working his way into sixth by lap seven. He was riding with momentum, gaining on the leaders, but his energy would fade in the last laps. He would relinquish one position before the end and finish in seventh.



450 Class:

  • 1 – Eli Tomac (28 laps)
  • 2 – Cooper Webb (+7.774)
  • 3 – Marvin Musquin (+13.171)
  • 4 – Justin Bogle (+21.021)
  • 5 – Joey Savatgy (+22.661)
  • 6 – Blake Baggett (+24.914)
  • 7 – Ken Roczen (+27.503)
  • 8 – Zach Osborne (+36.145)
  • 9 – Joshua Grant (+39.160)
  • 10 – Justin Hill (+40.276)

250 Class:

  • 1 – Adam Cianciarulo (21 laps)
  • 2 – Dylan Ferrandis (+5.756)
  • 3 – Colt Nichols (+9.268)
  • 4 – Rj Hampshire (+17.714)
  • 5 – Michael Mosiman (+18.222)
  • 6 – Cameron McAdoo (+21.155)
  • 7 – James Decotis (+29.781)
  • 8 – Justin Starling (20 laps)
  • 9 – Dylan Merriam (+2.058)
  • 10 – Enzo Lopes (+2.536)



Next week we head to Metlife Stadium for round 16.

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Nashville was a wild one. Before the main event even started, a crash of championship implication would shake-up the 250 East series. In the 450 class, Ken Roczen was on fire, however, a bit of bad luck would end any chance of victory.



Martin Davalos #73

With his teammate out, Martin Davalos rose to the occasion as the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team’s only rider in Nashville. In the main, Davalos took advantage of a crash in front of him to gain valuable positions. By the end of lap one, he had secured the lead. With an open track in front of him, he blitzed the track, gapping the field (at one point) by 10 seconds. He slowed up a bit to savor the victory and lit the candles with a 3.5-second lead.


Austin Forkner #24

Austin Forkner suffered a hard crash in practice. He attempted to ride in the final practice, but ultimately his team decided to sit out the rest of the Nashville SX. His return is still to be determined.


Chase Sexton #23

Chase Sexton had an up and down day in Nashville, however, one thing was consistent - his speed. Chase qualified first and won his heat race. In the main, the Geico Honda rider started 3rd. Sprinting through the first rhythm, he made the pass for 2nd. And, by end of lap one, he had taken the lead. However, soon after the pass, he would get cleaned out by Justin Cooper. Undaunted by the fall, Chase remounted his Honda and worked his way back to 2nd. With Austin Forkner unable to compete, Chase is now only 3 points back from the overall lead.



Ken Roczen #94

All signs pointed to this being Ken Roczen’s night. He was first in qualifications and won his heat race convincingly. However, a bit of bad luck would play spoiler. In the main event, Ken started 8th but made short work of the riders between him and his prize. While in 3rd, he was putting tremendous pressure on Joey Savatgy who was in 2nd place – a pass seemed imminent. Nobody doubted he would go on to catch and pass the leader Cooper Web. Instead, Savatgy would fall in front of the Honda pilot creating an unavoidable crash. When Ken remounted he had gone from 3rd to 22nd. By the checkered flag, he had worked back to 8th.



450 Class:

  • 8 – Ken Roczen (+ 50.242)

250 Class:

  • 1 – Martin Davalos
  • 2 – Chase Sexton (+ 03.508)



Next week we head to Denver for round 15.

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Tim Gajser rode two incredible races to take the top step of the podium in Trentino. The overall win didn't come easily though. He was victorious in two fierce battles in which dramatic, late passes determined the outcome.


Gajser had a perfect weekend. After winning the qualification race, he would benefit from selecting his preferred gate in both mains – an edge he would take full advantage of. In the first race, he started in 5th but would make several passes in succession to take 2nd. Gajser and the race leader, Antonio Cairoli, would push each other throughout the whole race. The Honda pilot would only need one opening. Seizing an opportunity, he would capitalize on a slight mistake by Cairoli and take the lead - much to the delight of the Slovenian fans in attendance. Tim would hold off a counterattack to take the win.


Gajser took the holeshot in the second race. As the pace started to quicken, Cairoli would pressure from behind and eventually take the lead. Gajser would bide his time before making a move. With 5 laps remaining, he would attack and regain the lead. It was a hard race to the end with both riders pressing. Gajser held off Cairoli, finished first, and secured the 1-1 sweep.


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