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  • 50th Annual Mammoth Motocross

50th Annual Mammoth Motocross

50th Annual Mammoth Motocross

2017 Mammoth Motocross

June 16-25th, 2017

Mammoth Lakes, California


Mammoth Motocross kicked off this past week for the 50th time in history, continuing the tradition and still the longest running motocross event in the United States.  Sitting at roughly 8,000 feet of elevation, and Mammoth being at the base of their premier ski resort, an overactive winter and high snow levels left parts of the track under water just weeks before the event.  After running miles pipe and pumping literally millions of gallons of water, the crew pulled it off and the event went off without a hitch.

Garrett Marchbanks was on fire this week, claiming all 3 of his classes in 250 B, SchoolBoy 2, and 250 B/C Open. Ciaran Naran in that class group as well, had consistent week with all 3 heat races on the podium.  Enzo Lopes was running fast in the A class, taking 2nd place in both the 250 Pro and Open Pro.  Tristan Miller also came out to Mammoth with his beast of a 500cc machine to dominate the FMF 2-Stroke race.  North Carolina’s Jordan Jarvis made the drive all the way to California, not only to win the Women’s 12+ championship, but also she placed in the top 10 in the SchoolBoy 1 and 125cc b/c boys classes!  The SuperMini classes were heated to say the least, Stilez Robertson collected some big bear trophies winning final motos in SuperMini 1 & 2 during the 2 mini race days!  NorCal’s Jeremy Ryan also had a good week in SuperMini classes consistently on the podium, while Levi Kitchen from the NorthWest was battling with some sickness issues still managed to stay within the top 5 in SuperMini 1.65cc pilot, Enzo Temmerman, won day 2 of the 65cc (7-9), along with Preston Boespflug in the older 65cc (10-11) classes having a successful week on the podium.

Congratulations to all who came out to compete at this historic 50th annual event!   Below is a list of top 3 performances by the Fox team, and link to full race results.


Photo credit:  Max Mandell


Link to full results: http://2xpromotions.com/results/



Garrett Marchbanks – 250 B

Garrett Marchbanks – SchoolBoy 2 (13-17)

Garrett Marchbanks – 250 B/C Open

Stilez Robertson – SuperMini 2 (13-16) (Mini Day 1)

Stilez Robertson – SuperMini 1 (12-15) (Mini Day 2)

Tristan Miller – FMF Two Stroke

Jordan Jarvis – Women 12+

Enzo Temmerman – 65cc (7-9) (Mini day 2)




Enzo Lopes – Open Pro

Enzo Lopes – 250 Pro

Stilez Robertson – SuperMini 1 (12-15) (Mini Day 1)

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini All-Stars

Kai Aiello – 125cc (12-16) B/C

Preston Boespflug – 65cc (10-11) (Mini Day 2)

Preston Boespflug – 65cc Open (Mini Day 1)



Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 1 (12-15) (Mini Day 2)

Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 2 (13-16) (Mini Day 2)

Preston Boespflug – 65cc (10-11) (Mini Day 1)

Enzo Temmerman – 65cc Open (Mini Day 1)


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