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Loretta Lynn’s Amateur MX National

Loretta Lynn’s Amateur MX National

The 38th Annual Loretta Lynn’s National Championship kicked off this past week in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.  Over 1,500 racers qualified through a grueling 55 area qualifiers across the nation, funneling into 13 regional qualifiers, to be one of 42 top competitors in each of the 36 classes at this prestigious event.


Summertime in Tennessee normally means extreme temperatures and humid weather, yet we had another mild episode of Loretta Lynn’s this year with consistent temperatures in the mid-80s.  Battling through crashes, mechanical issues, and just trying to put 6 motos together is a miracle out there, but the Fox came out with stellar performances with 12 overall podium finishes, 5 of which were crowned as champions.



In the 250 Pro Sport class, Fox Chile rider, Hardy Munoz, proved to be the most consistent in an overwhelmingly stacked class with 3-4-3 finishes to put him on top of the box for the title. Hunter Yoder went to work in the 450 B limited class after going over the bars in a corner, re-mounting, and charging back to the lead to win the 2nd moto and ultimately the championship at the end of the week. Hunter also rounded out the podium in the 250 B Limited 3rd place finish.


From opposite ends of the country, Jeremy Ryan and Gage Linville split the 2 premier 125cc class championships, Jeremy with the SchoolBoy 1 title, and Gage taking the 125cc B/C gold medal. Michigan’s John Grewe has been racing Loretta Lynn’s since 1982, since then John has graced the podium an astonishing 28 now, and after clinching the 50+ class with 1-1-1 scores, John made it an impressive 8 total class titles!


Congratulations to all who were able to qualify and compete in this famed event. Below is a list of champions and podium finishes by the Fox team.




  • Hardy Munoz – 250 Pro Sport
  • Hunter Yoder – 450 B Limited
  • Gage Linville – 125cc B/C (12-17)
  • Jeremy Ryan – SchoolBoy 1 (12-17)
  • John Grewe – 50+


  • Jordan Jarvis – Women
  • John Grewe – 40+
  • Don Boespflug – 45+


  • Jesse Flock – 250 Pro Sport
  • Hunter Yoder – 250 B Limited
  • Ryder DiFrancesco – Mini Sr. 2 (13-15)
  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (10-12)



Photo credit: Jake Souder / @HBMOTOCO


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