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This year marks the 10th annual running of the Daytona Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross, and with nearly 1,200 race entries, 2019 did not disappoint. Following the pro night show on Saturday, the track was reconstructed to accommodate 34 amateur classes of all ages. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to race within the iconic walls of Daytona International Speedway, a humbling experience just driving through the facility, to say the least. This event is true to the Supercross format, with a heat race, LCQ if needed, and a winner-take-all main event. One shot to take the top spot!

Seth Hammaker and Ryder DiFrancesco, Team Green teammates from opposite corners of the US, both stood out amongst the field earning a pair of championships for each of them. Seth looked dominant in the 250 A and Open Pro classes, with the same to be said for Ryder D in the Min Sr. 1 & 2 classes. Michigan’s finest, John Grewe, also went home with double titles in the Vet classes.

Congratulations to all racers who came to compete at this amazing venue. Below is a list of Fox Team champions, and podium finishes.

Photo Credit – Jacob Souder (@hbmotoco)


1st Place – Champion

  • Seth Hammaker – 250 A
  • Seth Hammaker – Open Pro Sport
  • Ryder DiFrancesco – Mini Sr. 1 (12-14)
  • Ryder DiFrancesco – Mini Sr. 2 (13-15)
  • John Grewe – 50+
  • John Grewe – 45+

2nd Place

  • Gage Linville – SchoolBoy 1 (12-17)

3rd Place

  • Jordan Jarvis – Women
  • John Grewe – 40+
  • Earl May – 50+
  • Earl May – 45+

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