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This week, the AMA National Motocross series made its way to Millville, Minnesota. It’s considered one of the premier tracks in the US series, so if you were tuned in on Saturday, you were rewarded by some of the best racing all year. And, if you were really paying attention, you received your first look at the MX19 Racewear Collection: Ken Roczen debuted the 2019 Flexair Royl racewear in both the flame red and grey colorways, and Austin Forkner and Joey Savatgy were looking good in the new 360 Pro Circuit and 360 Murc racewear. All pictured motocross gear will be available August 1st. Be sure to pay close attention to our email and social channels for updates.



Ken Roczen got out to a great start in the first moto, grabbing the holeshot and leading the field into the first lap. He was the one to beat in the early stages of the race. The lead was his for the first half of the moto, and he was able to put some distance between himself and title contenders Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac. Tomac would eventually pass Musquin for 2nd and start the push to catch Kenny. Ken would put in one of his best rides of the year - battling with Tomac and holding the lead into the late stages of the race. Tomac would finally make the pass with about 6 minutes left. Ken would finish a strong 2nd in moto 1.


t was another strong start for Ken in Moto 2. When the field exited turn one, he sat in 3rd. Charging forward, he worked his way into 2nd in the early stages of the moto - just behind Musquin. Late in the race, he would come under pressure from Eli Tomac. Not giving in, Ken engaged in an epic battle for 2nd place, holding Tomac off for several laps. Tomac would eventually pass Ken, followed by Musquin to take the win. Ken’s 2-3 finishes on the day earned him a 2nd overall on the day.



The Monster Kawasaki Pro Circuit team would come into the weekend with just 2 riders gearing up for the race. Starting with 5 pilots at the beginning of the season, they are now down to just Joey Savatgy and Austin Forkner.


Moto 1 would see both Joey Savatgy and Austin Forkner get out to great starts, Joey with the holeshot and Austin in 3rd. The lead would be short lived for Joey as he would go down on the first lap. Austin would battle in the top 5 for much of the race. As the moto started to wind down, Austin put in a hard charge and made a pass to secure 2nd with about 5 minutes left of the moto. Joey would finish the moto in 10th.


Moto 2 would see Forkner and Savatgy get out to slow starts, both riders just inside the top 10 on the first lap. The two would work through the pack together for much of the moto, battling each other along the way. Austin would eventually tangle with a lapper and go down. Joey would continue to push to the front finishing 4th in the moto and finishing 5th overall on the day. Austin would finish 18th in the moto and 8th overall on the day.



Next week, we head to the Washougal track - the series's only stop in the great Pacific Northwest



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