Minneapolis SX Race Recap

This weekend, we headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 6th round of the 2019 Supercross series and the opening round of the 250 East season. Austin Forkner didn’t waste any time making his presence known. Start to finish, he led the competition and took the top step of the podium. In the 450 Class, Ken Roczen had another solid night, taking 2nd place and recapturing the red plate.


Austin Forkner #24

Austin Forkner had a perfect night. He grabbed the holeshot in his heat race and finished 1st. The main was a carbon copy. He came out of the gate like a rocket and led every lap. As battles raged behind him, he methodically clicked off lap after lap – taking the checkered flag by a large margin.

Martin Davalos #73

Davalos looked fast all night but crashes would squander promising starts. In his heat race, he battled with teammate Austin Forkner for the holeshot, but a crash forced him to recover for 6th. In the main, he had another great start and was riding in second. However, a pass by Smith would lead to an unfortunate fall. He had to hold up slightly for Smith as he made the pass. This opened the door for Martin who made a block pass, taking down Davalos in the process. He struggled after the crash and finished 16th.

Chase Sexton #23

Sexton was up and down all night. He would finish 8th in his heat race after a few falls. In the main, he was riding with the leaders before he crashed during a pass attempt. He would recover and finish in the top 5.

Christian Craig #38

Christian Craig had a fall in turn one of his heat race but was able to recover, finishing 7th. He struggled at the start of the main, landing mid-pack after turn one. Still struggling with injury, he finished 20th.


Ken Roczen #94

Ken Roczen's consistency continued like clockwork. In his heat race, he rode with the leaders - battling with Webb and Tomac – and finished 3rd. In the main, he was 3rd after the turn. The leaders would battle for position through the early laps, but passes were hard to come by. Webb, sitting 2nd, would eventually make the pass for 1st and begin to gap the field. Roczen, sitting 3rd, ultimately passed Savatgy, who was holding him up, but by then there was no catching Webb. Ken would have to settle for 2nd but regained the Red Plate in the process.

Chad Reed #22

Chad Reed had a solid night, finishing 6th in his heat race and 7th in the main. It was an impressive ride for Reed as he made his way to 7th from way back in the field.


450 Class:

  • 2 – Ken Roczen (+ 10.695)
  • 7 – Chad Reed (+ 49.012)

250 Class:

  • 1 – Austin Forkner (20 laps)
  • 5 – Chase Sexton (+ 17.934)
  • 16 – Martin Davalos (+33.135)
  • 20 – Christian Craig (15 laps)



Next week we are Texas bound for round 7: Arlington Supercross.

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San Diego SX Race Recap

This past weekend the 2019 Supercross series headed south to what would be the most challenging conditions this year. By race time, San Diego’s Petco Stadium was soaked to its limit, leaving a minefield of natural obstacles: huge puddles, thick bike-seizing mud, deep ruts, and badly worn jumps. Though challenging, some riders would rise to the occasion. The real story of the weekend was the Pro Circuit team as they went 1-2 in the 250 final.


Adam Cianciarulo #92

In Heat Race 1, AC was in third after the first turn. He made the pass for second, and worked towards the leader (Dylan) but was never close enough to threaten for 1st. In the main, he wouldn’t have to fight from the back. He grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. AC road a nearly flawless race to take 1st, giving him 3 wins on the season and catapulting him to first in the overall standings.

Garrett Marchbanks #61

It was a challenging night for Marchbanks, but he persevered. A DNF in Heat Race 2 would force him to take the LCG route into the 250 final. The extra laps would serve him well though. He took the holeshot in the LCQ, rode a strong race, and finished first. He would ride this momentum into the final. In the main, Marchbanks found himself in the front pack after turn one. He kept a fast pace throughout the main - passing both Pettis and Ferrandis – and took second. A mistake-free ride kept challengers at bay – earning him the first podium of his Supercross rookie season.

Cameron McAdoo #44

McAdoo finished 4th in his Heat Race to qualify for the main. In the main, he had trouble in turn two – ending up backwards and stuck in the mud. The Honda CRF250 pilot would battle back from 16th to finish 9th.

Rj Hampshire #31

In San Diego, Hampshire was ready to make a run for the podium. He won his heat race after nailing the start. In the main, he would nail his start again and was riding with the lead pack before the mud took hold of his bike. It would take him almost a lap to free his bike and by then he was 22nd. He road on to finish 15th.


Ken Roczen #94

The 450 riders had to contend with challenging conditions, a deteriorated track, and a shortened race format (15 mins plus one lap). Despite these difficulties, early on, Roczen looked poised to take his first win of the year. He got the holeshot in his qualifying race and took first. And when the gate dropped in the main, the German rocketed down the main straightaway and secured the lead. Unfortunately, he would fall in a slippery turn two, dropping to 5th. He rebounded quickly and work back to second but was overtaken by Musquin on the final lap, finishing 3rd.

Chad Reed #22

Chad Reed’s experience showed in San Diego, as the 6-time San Diego Supercross winner road a strong race to finish 5th. His best finish of the year.


450 Class:

  • 3 – Ken Roczen (+ 07.266)
  • 5 – Chad Reed (+ 43.520)

250 Class:

  • 1 – Adam Cianciarulo (9 laps)
  • 2 – Garrett Marchbanks (+ 08.574)
  • 9 – Cameron McAdoo (8 laps + 1.05.906)
  • 15 – Rj Hampshire (8 laps + 1.35.953)



Next week (2/9) the 450 riders head to Minneapolis for Round 6 of the Supercross series. In the 250 class, we switch gears. The 250 west riders will get a three week break, and 250 East riders will start in Minneapolis.

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Oakland SX Race Recap

For the 4th round of the 2019 Supercross Series, we headed to the California Bay for the Oakland Supercross. When the dust settled, we had a new points leader.


Ken Roczen #94

After a clean start, Ken rolled to a 2nd place finish in Heat Race Two. In the main, he didn’t have the best start. From mid-pack, he worked his way towards the front and soon found himself in 2nd. However, he would fade in the closing laps and finish 4th. The last couple passes would cost him the point lead, and he will head to San Diego two points behind the new leader, Cooper Webb.

Chad Reed #22

A great start landed Chad in the lead group of Heat Race Two. He road in control and finish 4th to qualify for the main. Sadly, Chad didn’t get the same start in the main. Working from deep in the pack, he was fast enough to move up to the 9th position.


Adam Cianciarulo #92

After a poor start, Adam found himself deep in the pack in Heat Race Two, but he worked back to finish in 3rd. For the main, Adam didn’t grab the holeshot but managed to pass two riders in the first rhythm (McAdoo & Nichols) to take the lead. After that impressive pass, he controlled most of the race and kept Nichols at bay just enough to keep a true pass attempt from happening. Adam had his share of close calls due to the pressure from Nichols but maintained his compose and took his second win of the season.

Garrett Marchbanks #61

Garrett was looking forward to Oakland after a tough night at A2. He finished 7th in Heat Race Two and had a solid ride in the main to finish 8th.

Cameron McAdoo #44

After a good start, Cameron took the lead and led Heat Race One for 3 laps. However, he would settle for 2nd after a decisive pass from Decotis with only two laps left. In the main, Cameron was 1st at turn-two but was rapidly passed by AC. He had a strong ride and finish 6th.

Rj Hampshire #31

Rj emerged from the first turn in the lead and set the pace through the opening laps. A mistake would see him finish 4th in Heat Race Two. In the main, Rj had a decent start - 4th after the first lap. However, he had a tough final and finished 13th.


450 Class:

  • 4 – Ken Roczen (+ 20.260)
  • 9 – Chad Reed (+ 48.592)

250 Class:

  • 1 – Adam Cianciarulo (17 laps)
  • 6 – Cameron McAdoo (+ 27.474)
  • 8 – Garett Marchbanks (+ 39.955)
  • 13 – Rj Hampshire (16 laps + 01.760)



The 2019 Monster Energy Supercross series now heads to San Diego for round five of the series.

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A2 Race Recap

This past weekend, the 2019 Supercross series made its way back to Anaheim stadium for the 3rd round of the season. A2 would be the first round of the triple crown racing format. This format switches the night schedule to 3 main events with all qualifying taking place during the day.



In the 450 class, Ken Roczen came into the night with the points lead in the series. Ken got out to a great start in the first main and lead the entire race - eventually getting passed on the last lap to take 2nd. Ken started mid-pack in the second main and had to work towards the front. After securing 3rd, a mistake in the whoops would see Ken go down and lose positions. However, he would recover and work his way back to 5th. Ken got out to another mid-pack start in the third main and pushed his way to 4th. The 3 moto finishes gave Ken 4th overall and would see him maintain his points lead as the series heads to Oakland.

Chad Reed rolled into A2 in custom racewear that paid homage to Jeremy McGrath - the all-time king of supercross and his hero in the sport. Chad had a tough start in the 1st main and would finish in 10th. He had a bike issue after the 1st race that would not allow him to line up for the 2nd main. However, in the 3rd main, he got a good start and finished 5th - his best finish of the year. His overall finish on the night would be 14th.



In the 250 class, Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the holeshot in the 1st main and looked to be on his way to a win. A small mistake saw him go down and fall back in the pack. He would rebound and finish 4th. In the 2nd main, Adam would crash mid-way through the race and eventually finish 14th. In the 3rd main, Adam put in a solid ride and came home in 2nd - taking 5th overall.

Garrett Marchbanks had a tough night in all 3 mains. He would end the night 21st and is looking forward to Oakland.

&The Team Geico Honda riders had a good night. RJ Hampshire would finish 4th on the night with Cameron McAdoo finishing 6th.



The 2019 Monster Energy Supercross series now heads to Oakland for round four of the series.

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Glendale Race Recap

Round two of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross series was a pivotal night for the Fox Racing team. Ken Roczen scored his second-consecutive podium while Adam Cianciarulo took his first win of the year.



It was Adam's night in Arizona. He started his day finishing first in his heat race and backed it up with an impressive holeshot in the main. After the first turn, he quickly pulled away from the pack, led every lap, and took his first win of the series. With the victory in Arizona, Adam jumped 3 positions in the overall standing and sits 2nd heading into round three.

“What I’m stoked about the most is the starts; the starts are back. That feels really good. The team has been grinding, doing everything we can. We made a lot of strides in the offseason with myself, the bike, the team - everything. It translated well tonight.”



For Ken, it was a tale of two races. He had a disappointing heat race and would later joke, “Luckily we don’t get points for heat races.” In the main, he was a completely different rider. After taking the holeshot, he would lead much of the race with Jason Anderson in pursuit. Unfortunately, Steward ended up having a huge crash in the whoops, bringing a stop to the race, and later a staggered restart.

Several riders would take advantage of the restart, including Anderson, who gain significant ground on Roczen. Anderson would eventually make an aggressive pass on Roczen – taking him down in the process. Roczen would lose several positions but would bounce back yet again to claim third place and the overall points lead. Ken will be bringing the Redplate to A2 on the 94 HRC Honda.

“I bounced back at least and came back on the podium – the third place. That was super good; I’m pretty happy to be back on the podium. My team has been working so good, it’s unbelievable and I’m super happy with everything right now. Everybody that’s in my corner, I want to give you a huge thanks and also to the people that watch and all the fans.”



The 2019 Monster Energy Supercross series now heads back to Anaheim for round three of the series and the first round of the triple crown.

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A1 Race Recap

This past weekend marked the start of the 2019 Supercross series. The stage was set in Anaheim, California to see what the New Year would bring the top supercross riders in the world.

In the 450 Class, we would see Ken Roczen and Chad Reed lining up, as well as Adam Cianciarulo and Garrett Marchbanks lining up in the 250 class.

Team Geico Honda rider’s RJ Hampshire and Cameron McAdoo would also be there in the Fox V3 helmet.

There was a chance of rain that did materialize during the second qualifying session of the day, and eventually, let up and lead into what appeared to be a dry night of racing, but it wouldn’t last long. The rain started to come down as the 450 riders lined up in their heat races.

In the 450 class, Ken Roczen got out to a great start in his heat race and would go on to win. Chad Reed would have to work his way through the LCQ to get into the main.

In the 450 Main, Ken was off to a good start and worked his way to the front of the pack. He would go on to finish 2nd and escape the rain at A1, earning valuable points towards the championship. Chad Reed got stuck in a first run pile up and would eventually work his way to 9th. A great finish considering the conditions.

In the 250 class, Adam got a good start in his heat and worked his way to the front to take the win. Garrett Marchbanks would finish 6th and transfer directly to the main in his supercross debut. RJ Hampshire won his heat race and transferred directly to the main.

In the 250 Main, AC appeared to have the holeshot but lost control going into the first turn and nearly crashed. He eventually worked his way back to the front of the pack. However, a mid-race collision with RJ Hampshire would push him back. He put on another charge and finished the race in 5th. RJ finished in 4th, Garrett Marchbanks in 6th and Cameron McAdoo in 11th.

On to Phoenix this weekend!

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Photo Credit:  Jake Souder (@hbmotoco)


The 47th Annual Winter Olympics kicked off this past week at Gatorback Cycle Park, Florida. In 2017, this event was plagued with downpouring rain, flooding, and delays. This year was quite the opposite. Riders and spectators were greeted with beautiful weather all week long. The Mini-O’s feature a unique competitive format: riders compete on both Supercross and Motocross tracks, champions are crowned in both disciplines, and SX and MX scores are combined to give highest honors to the overall “Olympiad” of the event.

Hailing from Chile, Hardy Munoz was running red hot during the Supercross portion of the week, proving to be a podium threat each moto and leading him to a 450 A SX title. Texan, Grant Harlan, also in the 450 Pro Sport class, caught and passed all but one rider in the final moto to lock in the championship on the outdoor MX track. The B class was stacked with talent this year, putting Stilez Robertson to work after recently coming back from injury. In the end, Stilez claimed some moto wins, yet had to settle for a handful of podium finishes aboard his KX250f. South African Dirco van der Westhuizen charged to an MX victory in the 450 B Limited, and put together a combined SX/MX effort in the CollegeBoy for a silver medal Overall Olympiad. In the Women’s 12+ class, Jordan Jarvis (J.J.) was on fire, as usual. She won on the outdoor track, but unfortunately was taken out hard by her competition in supercross, leaving her with a 2nd overall Olympiad score. From the West Coast, Jeremy Ryan lined up with his East Coast Fox teammate Gage Linville. They traded motos on their 125cc machines, with consistent podium finishes all week long. Also making the trip from California, Hunter Yoder threw down a 2-1 moto score in MX to earn the SuperMini 2 (13-16) title. 85cc pilot Casey Cochran tallied a staggering 8 podium moto finishes. Thor Powell capped off his last 65cc race with a controversial win for the title in the SX 65cc (7-11). Michigan’s John Grewe was on his normal path of success, as he hammered out 5 titles, 3 Olympiads, and earning him the Vet Masters Special Award at the end of the week!

Congratulations to all who lined up at this iconic venue. Links below lead to full event results, and a list of podium performances and champions by the Fox team.



  • Hardy Munoz – 450 A (SX)
  • Grant Harlan – 450 Pro Sport (MX)
  • Jordan Jarvis – Women 12+ (MX)
  • Dirco van der Westhuizen – 450 B Limited (MX)
  • Gage Linville – SchoolBoy 1 (12/17) (SX)
  • Hunter Yoder – SuperMini 2 (13-16) (MX)
  • Thor Powell – 65cc (7-11) (SX)
  • John Grewe – 40+ (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • John Grewe – 45+ (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • John Grewe – 50+ (SX/MX Olympiad)

***John Grewe – Vet Masters Special Award ***


  • Grant Harlan – 450 A / Pro Sport (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Hardy Munoz – 250 A / Pro Sport (SX/MX Olympiad) Stilez Robertson – 250 B (SX
  • Stilez Robertson – 250 B (MX) Dirco van der Westhuizen – CollegeBoy (16-24) (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Jordan Jarvis – Women 12+ (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Gage Linville – 125 / SchoolBoy 1 (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Jeremy Ryan – SchoolBoy 1 (12-17) (SX)
  • Jeremy Ryan – 125cc (12-17) (MX)
  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-11) (MX)
  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-13) (SX)


  • Hardy Munoz – 250 Pro Sport (SX)
  • Dirco van der Westhuizen – 450 B / Limited (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Stilez Robertson – SchoolBoy 2 (13-17) (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Gage Linville – 125cc (12-17) (SX)
  • Jeremy Ryan – 125 / SchoolBoy 1 (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Jeremy Ryan – 250 B Limited (SX)
  • Hunter Yoder – SuperMini 1 & 2 (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-11) (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-13) (SX/MX Olympiad)
  • Beckett Ferry – 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited (SX)
  • John Grewe – 35+ (MX) Earl May – 45+ (SX/MX Olympiad)





Domination. Fox riders Brett Rheeder, Andreu Lacondeguy and Ethan Nell sweep the podium at the world’s toughest mountain bike event!



In his sixth trip to Red Bull Rampage, Brett Rheeder showed the perfect combination of speed, amplitude, and his patented style to take the top step of the podium and his first Rampage win. His huge styled out flat 360 was done on a line only he attempted and helped to separate him from the competition with a final score of 89.66. He only needed that first run score and his second became a victory lap after waiting out the runs of his competitors. Brett adds this victory to a stunning list of achievements in the sport of Freestyle Mountain Biking. Congrats Brett!


Watch Brett Rheeder Winning Run




Always a fan favorite, 2014 Redbull Rampage winner and Mountain Bike legend Andreu Lacondeguy showed passion and precision as he pulled out all the stops and pushed his Fox teammate Brett Rheeder to the limits with his final run. Adding his iconic style to giant airs during his second run he was on a burner until a late crash cemented his second place position with his incredible first run score of 87.33 - only 2 points behind Rheeder. Another Rampage podium adds to his already astonishing competition history, and you can bet he'll be back with his eyes on the top step for 2019!


Watch Andreu Lacondeguy Second Place Run




At only 21 years of age, Ethan Nell has already positioned himself as one of the most exciting new stars in the world of Freestyle Mountain Biking with his second podium at Rampage. Only 2 years ago, Ethan was digging for competitors like Andreu Lacondeguy. He got his first shot at the event in 2017 and made the most of it with a 3rd place finish. He had to up his game dramatically this year to maintain that podium position. His aggressive riding style and in-depth knowledge of the terrain in Virgin, Utah set his first run apart and came in at 86.33 - good enough to best everyone except his two Fox teammates. Big things are on the horizon for Ethan, and we expect him to keep climbing that podium in 2019 and beyond!


Watch Ethan Nell's Third Place Run



Brett, Andreu, and Ethan are part of the Fox MTB Global Freestyle team and compete in our podium proven products including the Rampage Pro Carbon helmet and Flexair jersey's, pants and gloves.


The 2018 WESS Championship headed to Sweden over the weekend for Round 7 of the 8 round series at the epic Gotland Grand National. The event has run consecutively since it's establishment in 1984, and welcomed over 3,000 riders this year to battle in the cold and wet conditions. Manuel Lettenbichler came into the weekend sitting 2nd in the season points standings, with just a small gap between him and the series leader. Taddy Blazusiak appears to have his season back on track after a tough start to the year, and entered the weekend 5th in the standings after a positive 4th Place performance at the previous round at Hawkstone Park in the UK. With heavy rains and cold weather in the forecast for the weekend, surely anything could happen at Gotland!


The weather conditions took a turn for the worst on Friday evening, with heavy rainfall drenching the track and creating quite a challenge for even the most skilled riders. The Elite class took off at 12:30pm on Saturday, with 3,000 riders and pure carnage behind them. Blazusiak avoided much of the opening mayhem and ran towards the front of the pack to start the race. Lettenbichler was not so lucky and would have to fight from behind to put in a solid result.


By the final lap, Taddy Blazusiak had moved up to 4th place despite two small crashes. He finished up in 4th and was the top scoring WESS contender, just off the Swedish dominated podium. Manuel Lettenbichler unfortunately did not fare so well despite moving as far forward as 25th on the final lap. Another big crash for the German on the last lap pushed him back to 43rd Overall, but he did manage to maintain 2nd in the Championship standings regardless.


“To finish fourth for my first time riding this race and in these conditions is a result I’m pleased with. The Gotland Grand National is a unique race and one the Swedish riders clearly excel at. With the weather turning bad, it was always going to be difficult to match their experience in this type of mud. But I feel we did a good job – we worked well as a team to adapt to the changes and challenges we faced, as they happened. In total I only had two small crashes, but I did struggle with keeping clear vision especially in traffic and that cost me some time. But like I said, fourth is a good day and I’m happy with that.” - Taddy Blazusiak





WESS Championship Standings (After 5 of 8 Rounds)

  1. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna - GB) 4420
  2. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM - GER) 4145
  3. Josep Garcia (KTM - ESP) 3700
  4. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM - POL) 3675
  5. Wade Young (Sherco - RSA) 3220
  6. Nathan Watson (KTM - GB) 3103
  7. Paul Bolton (KTM - GB) 3092
  8. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna - GB) 3010
  9. Jonny Walker (KTM - GB) 2900
  10. Lars Enockl (Gas Gas - AUT) 2272

Image: Dylan Brown









- Ricky Carmichael


Little compares to the pure escape of riding off-road. Just you and your crew, the sound of your bike idling and miles of single-track before you. No lap times, no finish line - this is freedom. The all-new Legion Offroad gear is rebuilt from the ground up with improved durability and enhanced versatility. Get out there; the only thing holding you back is how far your bike will take you.