Domination. Fox riders Brett Rheeder, Andreu Lacondeguy and Ethan Nell sweep the podium at the world’s toughest mountain bike event!



In his sixth trip to Red Bull Rampage, Brett Rheeder showed the perfect combination of speed, amplitude, and his patented style to take the top step of the podium and his first Rampage win. His huge styled out flat 360 was done on a line only he attempted and helped to separate him from the competition with a final score of 89.66. He only needed that first run score and his second became a victory lap after waiting out the runs of his competitors. Brett adds this victory to a stunning list of achievements in the sport of Freestyle Mountain Biking. Congrats Brett!


Watch Brett Rheeder Winning Run




Always a fan favorite, 2014 Redbull Rampage winner and Mountain Bike legend Andreu Lacondeguy showed passion and precision as he pulled out all the stops and pushed his Fox teammate Brett Rheeder to the limits with his final run. Adding his iconic style to giant airs during his second run he was on a burner until a late crash cemented his second place position with his incredible first run score of 87.33 - only 2 points behind Rheeder. Another Rampage podium adds to his already astonishing competition history, and you can bet he'll be back with his eyes on the top step for 2019!


Watch Andreu Lacondeguy Second Place Run




At only 21 years of age, Ethan Nell has already positioned himself as one of the most exciting new stars in the world of Freestyle Mountain Biking with his second podium at Rampage. Only 2 years ago, Ethan was digging for competitors like Andreu Lacondeguy. He got his first shot at the event in 2017 and made the most of it with a 3rd place finish. He had to up his game dramatically this year to maintain that podium position. His aggressive riding style and in-depth knowledge of the terrain in Virgin, Utah set his first run apart and came in at 86.33 - good enough to best everyone except his two Fox teammates. Big things are on the horizon for Ethan, and we expect him to keep climbing that podium in 2019 and beyond!


Watch Ethan Nell's Third Place Run



Brett, Andreu, and Ethan are part of the Fox MTB Global Freestyle team and compete in our podium proven products including the Rampage Pro Carbon helmet and Flexair jersey's, pants and gloves.


The 2018 WESS Championship headed to Sweden over the weekend for Round 7 of the 8 round series at the epic Gotland Grand National. The event has run consecutively since it's establishment in 1984, and welcomed over 3,000 riders this year to battle in the cold and wet conditions. Manuel Lettenbichler came into the weekend sitting 2nd in the season points standings, with just a small gap between him and the series leader. Taddy Blazusiak appears to have his season back on track after a tough start to the year, and entered the weekend 5th in the standings after a positive 4th Place performance at the previous round at Hawkstone Park in the UK. With heavy rains and cold weather in the forecast for the weekend, surely anything could happen at Gotland!


The weather conditions took a turn for the worst on Friday evening, with heavy rainfall drenching the track and creating quite a challenge for even the most skilled riders. The Elite class took off at 12:30pm on Saturday, with 3,000 riders and pure carnage behind them. Blazusiak avoided much of the opening mayhem and ran towards the front of the pack to start the race. Lettenbichler was not so lucky and would have to fight from behind to put in a solid result.


By the final lap, Taddy Blazusiak had moved up to 4th place despite two small crashes. He finished up in 4th and was the top scoring WESS contender, just off the Swedish dominated podium. Manuel Lettenbichler unfortunately did not fare so well despite moving as far forward as 25th on the final lap. Another big crash for the German on the last lap pushed him back to 43rd Overall, but he did manage to maintain 2nd in the Championship standings regardless.


“To finish fourth for my first time riding this race and in these conditions is a result I’m pleased with. The Gotland Grand National is a unique race and one the Swedish riders clearly excel at. With the weather turning bad, it was always going to be difficult to match their experience in this type of mud. But I feel we did a good job – we worked well as a team to adapt to the changes and challenges we faced, as they happened. In total I only had two small crashes, but I did struggle with keeping clear vision especially in traffic and that cost me some time. But like I said, fourth is a good day and I’m happy with that.” - Taddy Blazusiak





WESS Championship Standings (After 5 of 8 Rounds)

  1. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna - GB) 4420
  2. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM - GER) 4145
  3. Josep Garcia (KTM - ESP) 3700
  4. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM - POL) 3675
  5. Wade Young (Sherco - RSA) 3220
  6. Nathan Watson (KTM - GB) 3103
  7. Paul Bolton (KTM - GB) 3092
  8. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna - GB) 3010
  9. Jonny Walker (KTM - GB) 2900
  10. Lars Enockl (Gas Gas - AUT) 2272
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- Ricky Carmichael


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The Motocross of Nations made its return to North American soil for the first time in 8 years, and the infamous RedBud Track was set to host the 72nd running of the MXON. Billed as the “Olympics of Motocross,” 31 participating countries select three riders to represent in each class; MXGP, MX2, and Open. The international racing format consists of a two-day structure with qualifiers on Saturday and Main Event racing on Sunday.

Fox Racing Roster
  • Ken Roczen – Germany
  • Gautier Paulin – France
  • Max Anstie – Great Britain
  • Calvin Vlaanderen – Netherlands
  • Enzo Lopes – Brazil
  • Colton Facciotti – Canada
  • Toshiki Tomita - Japan

It was an incredible weekend of racing: 80,000+ fans were in attendance at RedBud to see the world’s best MX riders battle under muddy conditions. Gautier Paulin led Team France to a fifth consecutive win at Motocross of Nations and took home the Chamberlain Trophy for the seventh time in history.

Overall Team Results

  • 1st – France
  • 2nd – Italy
  • 3rd – Netherlands
  • 4th – Australia
  • 5th – United Kingdom
  • 6th – United States
  • 7th – Belgium
  • 8th – Spain
  • 9th – Estonia
  • 10th – Germany

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This past weekend, the AMA National Motocross series rolled into Budds Creek for the second to last round of the 2018 outdoor series. Once again, Fox team riders would be in the MX19 Motocross product line looking to finish the year strong.

Hot temperatures and high humidity would greet the riders as they kicked off the weekend with qualifying. In the 450 class, Fox team rider Ken Roczen continues to build strength and consistency after coming off an injury that saw him sit out the bulk of the Supercross series. Ken would put in a strong qualifying session posting the 5th fastest time. In the 250 class, Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki riders Austin Forkner and Joey Savatgy are looking to capture an overall win before the season ends.



In Moto 1, Ken has a great start - rounding the first turn in 2nd. He would immediately challenge Marvin Musquin for the lead and take the top spot after a couple more turns. Ken put a nice gap between himself and Marvin early in the race. With about 4 minutes to go in the moto, Marvin would start to put heavy pressure on Ken for the lead. But he would hold Marvin off and take the win by 8 seconds.

Kenny got out to another good start in the second moto, finishing the first lap in the top 5. Knowing he would need to finish in front of leader Marvin Musquin to get the overall win for the day, Ken set his sights on the lead. Midway through the race, he made the pass for the lead and started to pull away from Musquin. Kenny would hold the lead for much of the moto. But, with about 5 minutes to go, Eli Tomac had worked his way into second and started to challenge Ken for the lead. Tomac would make the pass and go on to take the win. Kenny would hold on to finish 3rd in the moto and 2nd overall on the day.



Moto 1 would see Austin Forkner get out to a top 5 start with Savatgy buried in the pack. Austin would work his way to 3rd early in the moto and would hold that position to the finish. Joey was able to work his way up to 7th early in the race but would end up finishing the moto in 11th.

The second moto would see Austin get out to another good start with Joey struggling to get off the line. Austin would battle and hold 3rd until the late stages of the race. Coming under pressure from Mitchel Harrison, the two riders would nearly collide sending Austin off the track. Struggling to find a place to re-enter the track. Austin would lose several positions and finish 7th in the moto and 5th overall on the day. Joey would struggle to a 16th place finish and 13th overall on the day.


The teams will head to Indiana for the last round of the year next weekend.

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2018 Unadilla Moto Recap

This past weekend, the AMA National Motocross series rolled into the famed Unadilla circuit with just 3 races left on the 2018 schedule. Fox team riders would be featured in the MX19 Motocross gear as they looked to finish the season strong.

As the riders rolled out for the qualifying sessions on Saturday, rain appeared on the horizon. The riders would escape wet conditions in the first qualifying session, but their luck wouldn't last long. The storm started just as the second qualifiers began. As a result, the times from the first session would hold up. The highlight for Fox Racing team would be Monster Kawasaki Pro Circuit rider Joey Savatgy. Joey put in strong laps and would walk away with the fastest time in the 250 class.



Unadilla was a mudder. The first moto began during a torrential downpour. Ken Roczen would get out to a mid-pack start. As Ken pushed to the front, he would stop in the pit area for a new set of goggles. Before the final laps, almost every rider had made a trip to the pits for new goggles. Ken would eventually finish 7th in Moto 1.

Moto 2 would see the rain let up, but the damage to the track was already done. The mud would start to get sticky and cause a whole new set of problems for the riders. Ken got out to another mid-pack start. He would pull in for goggles early and then start to work towards the front of the pack. He would work his way to 7th which would give him 7th overall on the day.



Moto 1 would see Joey Savatgy get out to a good start in the treacherous conditions, exiting the first turn in 2nd. He would slip back to 3rd early in the race. Joey would eventually go down and pick himself up to finish 7th in Moto 1. Austin Forkner would have a couple of crashes, finishing the moto in 23rd.

Moto 2 would see Savatgy get out to another good start. Joey would put in a consistent ride in the harsh conditions to finish 3rd in the moto and 4th overall on the day. Austin Forkner's 2nd moto would go much better than the first. He would push hard and ride consistently to finish 9th. His moto finishes of 23rd and 9th would put Austin 14th overall on the day.


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2018 Loretta Lynn's Race Recap

This past week (July 30th – August 4th) marked the 37th annual Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross championship. Typically hot and humid, this year saw cool temperatures graced the 1500 racers that qualified for the largest Amateur Motocross race in the world. Champions were starting to be crowned on Friday morning and carried all the way through until 4:30 pm Saturday with the WMX race being the final moto of the day.


Fox Brigade team athlete Jordan Jarvis capped off the weekend with a double moto win in the WMX event. Jordan held off early moto charges from Hannah Hodges, but by the end of the race, Jordan had a commanding lead to claim her victory. Jordan also contested the Women’s 12+ class during the event to capture a perfect 1-1-1 moto score. What an amazing end to an incredible week of racing for Jordan. A perfect 1-1-1-1-1 overall score for the week.


The next champion to be crowned was 65cc Fox Brigade team athlete Enzo Temmerman. Enzo fought extremely hard for this Loretta Lynn’s title posting 2-1-2 moto finishes for the overall. Enzo battled all week with rivals Logan Best and Landen Gordon, but at the end of the day, Enzo put his whole heart into this Championship claiming the 65cc 10-11 Limited title.


Fox team athlete Terry Bostard from Northern California was the next man to set his focus on a championship. Terry started the week off strong with perfect moto scores of 1-1. In his 3rd and final moto, Terry played it safe. He knew where he needed to be to claim the overall title finishing 4th. 1-1-4 moto scores were enough for Terry to claim the National Championship at the ranch in the +45 class.


John Grewe rounded out the Championship tally for the week with a 1-1-2 moto score. The man from Michigan rode all week flawlessly until the final moto of the Masters +50 class. Drama ensued while John was leading the final moto and he ended up being taken out by the 2nd place rider. John quickly remounted and started to charge back to the front. During the take-out, John’s thumb was broken, but he still raced on to finish 2nd in the moto. Damage was done though. The broken thumb would hinder John’s chances at a 2nd class title in the Senior +40 class.


We would like to congratulate all the Fox team riders on a wonderful championship effort this past week. We all know how stressful the week of racing at the ranch can be. We appreciate your dedication and focus on your racing and the Fox brand. Below is a list of the top 5 Fox team riders finishes at the ranch.

Photo credit – Jacob Souder @hbmotoco


1st Place – Champion

  • Jordan Jarvis – WMX Women’s Pro
  • Jordan Jarvis – Women’s 12+
  • Enzo Temmerman – 65cc (10-11) Limited
  • Terry Bostard – 45+
  • John Grewe – 50+

2nd Place

  • Ethan Mann – SchoolBoy 1 (12-17)
  • Levi Kitchen – 125cc (12-17)
  • Preston Boespflug – Mini Sr. 1 (12-13)
  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-11) Limited
  • Taylor Painter – 30+

3rd Place

  • Shelby Rolen – WMX Women’s Pro
  • Earl May – 50+

4th Place

  • Casey Cochran – 85cc (9-12)
  • Andrew Matusek – 30+
  • John Grewe – 40+

5th Place

  • Jesse Flock – 250 A
  • Dirco van der Westhuizen – 250 B
  • Jeremy Ryan – SuperMini 2 (13-16)

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This week, the AMA National Motocross series made its way to Millville, Minnesota. It’s considered one of the premier tracks in the US series, so if you were tuned in on Saturday, you were rewarded by some of the best racing all year. And, if you were really paying attention, you received your first look at the MX19 Racewear Collection: Ken Roczen debuted the 2019 Flexair Royl racewear in both the flame red and grey colorways, and Austin Forkner and Joey Savatgy were looking good in the new 360 Pro Circuit and 360 Murc racewear. All pictured motocross gear will be available August 1st. Be sure to pay close attention to our email and social channels for updates.



Ken Roczen got out to a great start in the first moto, grabbing the holeshot and leading the field into the first lap. He was the one to beat in the early stages of the race. The lead was his for the first half of the moto, and he was able to put some distance between himself and title contenders Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac. Tomac would eventually pass Musquin for 2nd and start the push to catch Kenny. Ken would put in one of his best rides of the year - battling with Tomac and holding the lead into the late stages of the race. Tomac would finally make the pass with about 6 minutes left. Ken would finish a strong 2nd in moto 1.


t was another strong start for Ken in Moto 2. When the field exited turn one, he sat in 3rd. Charging forward, he worked his way into 2nd in the early stages of the moto - just behind Musquin. Late in the race, he would come under pressure from Eli Tomac. Not giving in, Ken engaged in an epic battle for 2nd place, holding Tomac off for several laps. Tomac would eventually pass Ken, followed by Musquin to take the win. Ken’s 2-3 finishes on the day earned him a 2nd overall on the day.



The Monster Kawasaki Pro Circuit team would come into the weekend with just 2 riders gearing up for the race. Starting with 5 pilots at the beginning of the season, they are now down to just Joey Savatgy and Austin Forkner.


Moto 1 would see both Joey Savatgy and Austin Forkner get out to great starts, Joey with the holeshot and Austin in 3rd. The lead would be short lived for Joey as he would go down on the first lap. Austin would battle in the top 5 for much of the race. As the moto started to wind down, Austin put in a hard charge and made a pass to secure 2nd with about 5 minutes left of the moto. Joey would finish the moto in 10th.


Moto 2 would see Forkner and Savatgy get out to slow starts, both riders just inside the top 10 on the first lap. The two would work through the pack together for much of the moto, battling each other along the way. Austin would eventually tangle with a lapper and go down. Joey would continue to push to the front finishing 4th in the moto and finishing 5th overall on the day. Austin would finish 18th in the moto and 8th overall on the day.



Next week, we head to the Washougal track - the series's only stop in the great Pacific Northwest




In front of a packed crowd for the 4th of July race weekend, Ken Roczen gets his first moto win en route to a 2nd Overall at the Redbud National.



Ken Roczen got a good jump in Moto 1, but a down rider in turn two would briefly hold him up, keeping him just outside the top 10. By the end of lap one, he had worked his way into the top 5 with his eyes set on the leaders. He continued his charge, moving into second behind Eli Tomac. It appeared he would cruise to a 2nd place finish, but with just three laps remaining, his persistence would pay off.  A mechanical issue for Tomac would hand the lead over to Ken, and he would capture his first victory since his hand injury in Supercross. 

Moto 2 would see Ken get out to a good start; he would end up running at the front of the pack for the entire moto. His pace was the best it has been all year, battling with Marvin Musquin for the lead for most of the moto. Ken would eventually settle into a nice pace, holding 2nd place into the late stages of the moto. On the last lap, he would come under fire from Justin Barcia. Barcia would make a tough pass on Ken with just a few turns to the finish, pushing #94 back to 3rd, and netting him a 2nd overall on the day.   



The Monster Kawasaki Pro Circuit team would come into the weekend fielding 3 riders: Austin Forkner, Joey Savatgy, and the returning Garrett Marchbanks - back from a knee injury suffered this year.

Austin Forkner and Joey Savatgy got out to good starts in Moto 1, running in the top 5 early. Austin would quickly push his way to 2nd running just behind Aaron Plessinger, and a battle between the two would ensue. Austin would eventually take the lead, but it would be short-lived. Aaron, looking to take the lead back, took the inside while Austin went to the outside. The two lines would come together, the riders collided, and Austin would go down. He was shaken up and took a while to remount. Plessinger would go on to take the win. Savatgy had a great moto going until a crash pushed him back to a 17th place finish. Marchbanks would put in a consistent ride finishing 6th. 

Moto 2 would see Austin and Joey get out to good starts - Austin running in the top 3 for much of the moto. Austin would battle with Alex Martin over 2nd place for a good portion of the race. A good pass would see him take 2nd and hold it to the finish. Joey would put in a good ride finishing 5th in Moto 2. Austin would end the day with a 7th overall, Joey and Garrett would end the day out of the top 10. 



Now we take one week off before continuing, July 21st for the Spring Creek National in Millville, MN.  





Another weekend of racing is in the books. The halfway point of the 12-round series saw the world’s best line up at the only true sand track on the schedule - the legendary Southwick MX 338. It was a wild day of racing with rough riding conditions, several lead changes and dramatic late crashes.



Ken Roczen continues to build his strength and speed. Still nursing a hand injury from Supercross, he has been working during the outdoor season to make progress on his entire program.

Ken got out to a great start in Moto 1, knifing his way through a seam and taking the lead after the first turn. He would lead the early stages but would eventually surrender the lead to Barcia, and end the moto in 5th.

It was much of the same for #94 in Moto 2. He would get off to a great start in the early laps – as he has done all season. He would battle in the top 5 for the entire moto, eventually finishing 5th and taking 5th overall for the day.



Moto 1 looked like Shane McElrath's to win, as he started to gap the field early. However, Austin Forkner kept pushing, working his way into second. Lap by lap, he would eat into McElrath’s lead. Eventually, reeling him in and making the pass for the lead. Austin then held off a late charge from Alex Martin and Aaron Plessinger to take the first moto win. Joey Savatgy suffered a crash mid-way through Moto 1 and finished 32nd. 

Austin and Joey both had excellent starts in Moto 2. Austin took the lead early - going from 3rd to 1st in a single straightaway - and kept a blistering pace for most of the moto. However, late in the moto, he would come under pressure from Alex Martin. As the two riders battled for the lead, Alex would go for an aggressive pass and the two riders would come together with both going down. Austin had the wind knocked out of him and would stay down for a while. He would eventually get up and finish the moto in 20th. Joey put in a good ride finishing 5th



The 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship now heads to Redbud for Independence Day weekend!