The MXGP series visited Latvia over the weekend for Round 9 of the series; the midway point of the 2019 FIM World Motocross Championship campaign. After a massive 1-1 performance in Russia, Team HRC's Tim Gajser entered the weekend with the MXGP points lead for the first time this season. Gaiser's strong run began back at Round 4 in Trentino, Italy. Since then, the Slovenian has won four of the last five overall titles leading into Latvia. His dominant ride in Russia gave him a 13 point advantage over the 9-time World Champion Tony Cairoli heading into the weekend.


Despite publicly stating his distaste for the track, Gajser posted the second fastest time in Free Practice and was fastest in the Qualifying Practice on Saturday morning. But after a subpar start in the MXGP Qualifying Race, Gajser had a massive crash in the sand rollers while running 6th. He was able to remount and finish in 18th; all eyes were on Tim to see how he would respond on Sunday.


In the first Moto, Gajser got off to a decent start - fourth on the opening lap. However, it was clear that he was struggling with the track. Unable to get into a good flow, he slowly dropped back to 7th by the midway point. He seemed to regroup in the second half of the race, but could only muster a 6th place finish before time expired.


In Moto #2, Tim turned things around. He got off to a solid third place start behind Jeremy Seewer and Arnaud Tonus. His championship rival Tony Cairoli had a big crash on the opening lap; this was a massive opportunity Gajser took full advantage of. Riding inspired, he moved into second on lap six and started to close the gap on Seewer. He made his move on lap 11 and put a good enough gap on the rest of the field to earn the win. Bouncing back after the crash on Saturday was a huge moment for Gajser and a huge statement to the world.



Gajser's points lead now sits at 33, and it's unclear whether Cairoli will miss a few rounds after his big crash. Regardless, it's great to see Tim hitting his stride and he will look to keep it rolling next week at Teutschenthal in East Germany.



  1. Tim Gajser - 391 Points
  2. Tony Cairoli - 358 Points
  3. Jeremy Seewer - 256 Points
  4. Gautier Paulin - 254 Points
  5. Arnaud Tonus - 246 Points
  6. Arminas Jasikonis - 226 Points
  7. Clement Desalle - 208 Points
  8. Jeremy Van Horbeek - 200 Points
  9. Glenn Coldenhoff - 190 Points
  10. Pauls Jonass - 186 Points


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After a weekend off, the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship series jumped back into action. Round 4 at the historic High Point Raceway in Pennsylvania was worth the wait. Having both won their respective races before the break, Adam Cianciarulo and Ken Roczen were looking to pick up where they left off.

Adam would leave High Point with another overall win. Ken would close out the weekend on a high note and take the second step of the podium.



Adam Cianciarulo got out to a top-ten start in moto one and slowly worked his way to the front. Methodically, he would pick of riders, one by one, eventually finishing second. This strong performance put him in position to capture the overall win. He just needed a good performance in moto two.

A good start in moto two was just what he needed. Rounding the first turn in second, he would quickly pass for the lead. After hold off a charge from Dylan Ferrandis, he took the win. Adam has extended his point lead in the series as they head to Florida for round five.



From the start of moto one, it was clear Ken wasn’t comfortable. He got out to a top ten start and was only able to work his way up to sixth. During the break, he when to work to correct the issues.

Ken and the Honda team made adjustments to the bike in-between motos. The improvement on the race track was drastic and instantaneous. Ken was on a mission and passing riders at will. Like a tactician, he worked his way into the lead and never looked back. His dominant Moto Two victory earned him second overall. Ken heads into round five tied for first in the series championship point standings.




  • 1 – Eli Tomac (3 - 2)
  • 2 – Ken Roczen (6 - 1)
  • 3 – Jason Anderson (2 - 5)
  • 4 – Cooper Web (7 - 3)
  • 5 – Zach Osborne (5 - 4)
  • 6 – Marvin Musquin (4 - 7)
  • 7 – Blake Baggett (1 - 15)
  • 8 – Joey Savatgy (8 - 6)
  • 9 – Justin Bogle (9 - 8)
  • 10 – Justin Barcia (10 - 10)
  • 11 – Dean Ferris (11 - 11)


  • 1 – Adam Cianciarulo (2 - 1)
  • 2 – Hunter Lawrence (1 - 3)
  • 3 – Chase Sexton (4 - 2)
  • 4 – Dylan Ferrandis (3 - 4)
  • 5 – Colt Nichols (5 - 5)
  • 6 – R.J. Hampshire (9 - 6)
  • 7 – Cameron McAdoo (8 - 7)
  • 8 – Michael Mosiman (7 - 8)
  • 9 – Justin Copper (6 - 9)
  • 10 – Wilson Todd (12 - 10)
  • 11 – Martin Davalos (15 - 12)
  • 14 – Garrett Marchbanks (40 - DNS)




The next round of the nationals will be held on June 22th at the WW Ranch Motocross Park in Florida. 

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Tim Gajser Secures a 1-1 Victory in Russia

The 2019 FIM World Motocross Championship returned over the weekend with the MXGP of Russia. Team HRC's Tim Gajser was the focal point heading into the weekend, as the 2-time World Champion closed the gap on points leader Tony Cairoli at the previous round. Unfortunately, Gajser's MX2 stablemate Calvin Vlaanderen was still deemed unfit to race in Russia due to a recent leg injury. Vlaanderen looks to return by Round 10 of the series at Teutschenthal.


Tim Gajser started off on a high note by clocking the fastest time in qualifying practice. However, he struggled at the start of the qualifying race and took the green flag in 6th position. He made some good moves throughout the moto, but ran out of time and had to settle for second behind Romain Febvre. Nonetheless, he showed great composure to bring it home safe, which would become vital for Sunday's motos.


At the start of MXGP Moto #1, Tim Gajser just narrowly missed the holeshot but gained control quickly on the opening lap and took the green flag at the head of the field. Gajser maintained a steady and smart pace while pure chaos ensued behind him, with massive crashes from Evgeny Bobryshev, Gautier Paulin and Clement Desalle throughout the moto. He showed great poise on the difficult track and brought home the win. Meanwhile, his main Championship rival Tony Cairoli struggled to a 12th place finish which handed Tim the points lead after the first moto.


Things were not quite as easy for Tim Gajser in MXGP Moto #2 as Glenn Coldenhoff grabbed the early lead and Tim slotted in behind him in 2nd position. He tailed Coldenhoff on the very one lined track and was able to make a move on lap 7, taking control of the lead. He set the pace again and withstood a big push from Arnaud Tonus just a few laps after taking the lead. He shut Tonus down when he dove for a pass and cruised on to the win after that challenge. It was another 1-1 Victory for Gajser and this one was extra sweet as he took control of the Championship standings by 13 points over Tony Cairoli.



The series continues next week in Latvia and Gajser will take on the best in the world with the coveted Red Plate on his #243 HRC machine.


  1. Tim Gajser - 351 Points
  2. Tony Cairoli - 338 Points
  3. Gautier Paulin - 231 Points
  4. Jeremy Seewer - 220 Points
  5. Arminas Jasikonis - 212 Points
  6. Clement Desalle - 208 Points
  7. Arnaud Tonus - 206 Points
  8. Julien Lieber - 172 Points
  9. Jeremy Van Horbeek - 170 Points
  10. Glenn Coldenhoff - 168 Points


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This past weekend the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship rolled into Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Lakewood, Colorado for round three of the 2019 series. Adam Cianciarulo was looking to make it three straight wins in the 250 class while Ken Roczen was ready to build on a third-place finish at the Fox Raceway National. Both riders were hoping to make a statement before the series takes a week off.

The first moto got underway with threatening skies looming in the distance. Adam Cianciarulo had a good start and rounded the first turn in third. Justin Cooper took the lead early as Adam worked his way into second. Adam would slowly catch Cooper, apply pressure, and attempt several passes but couldn't make one stick. As the clock neared the 10-minute mark, the rain started to fall with occasional lightning strikes. Officials would cut the race short with AC finishing second to Cooper.



The first moto got underway with threatening skies looming in the distance. Adam Cianciarulo had a good start and rounded the first turn in third. Justin Cooper took the lead early as Adam worked his way into second. Adam would slowly catch Cooper, apply pressure, and attempt several passes but couldn't make one stick. As the clock neared the 10-minute mark, the rain started to fall with occasional lightning strikes. Officials would cut the race short with AC finishing second to Cooper.

Moto 2 saw clear skies and great conditions. Once again, it was Adam battling Justin Cooper for the lead. Adam would make a mistake and shoot off the side of the track. Doing his best to re-enter the race without gaining an advantage, he got back on track and closed the gap on the leader. Cooper would make a mistake of his own a few laps later as he crashed and lost several positions. Taking advantage of the mistake, Adam took the lead and went on to win the moto. Finishes of second and first on the day gave Adam the overall victory and his third straight win. He continues to lead the series by six points heading into the off week.



In Moto one, Ken Roczen was strong out of the gate. He exited the first turn in the top three and quickly took the lead. From that point, Ken would dominate the very technical and rough track, eventually winning by more than thirty seconds. The muddy conditions caused some goggle issues for the current series leader, Eli Tomac, who struggled to a fifth-place finish.

Ken got out to another good start in Moto 2, passing for the lead by the end of lap one. Tomac would have better luck this time and work his way towards the front, eventually passing Ken for the lead. Roczen was in a great position for the overall win and would finish second in the moto to take the overall event victory. In addition to capturing the overall, Ken regained the championship points lead heading into the break.




  • 1 – Ken Roczen (1 - 2)
  • 2 – Eli Tomac (5 - 1)
  • 3 – Zach Osborne (2 - 4)
  • 4 – Jason Anderson (4 - 5)
  • 5 – Marvin Musquin (8 - 3)
  • 6 – Cooper Webb (3 - 8)
  • 7 – Blake Baggett (7 - 7)
  • 8 – Dean Ferris (6 - 9)
  • 9 – Justin Barcia (11 - 6)
  • 10 – Justin Bogle (10 - 10)


  • 1 – Adam Cianciarulo (2 - 1)
  • 2 – Justin Cooper (1 - 2)
  • 3 – Michael Mosiman (4 - 3)
  • 4 – Dylan Ferrandis (5 - 5)
  • 5 – Chase Sexton (7 - 6)
  • 6 – Colt Nichols (13 - 4)
  • 7 – R.J. Hampshire (5 - 11)
  • 8 – Hunter Lawrence (10 - 7)
  • 9 – Shane McElrath (8 - 10)
  • 10 – Jordan Smith (11- 8)
  • 11 – Garrett Marchbanks (12 - 9
  • 14 – Christian Craig (15 - 19)
  • 14 – Martin Davalos (19 - 18)




The next round of the nationals will be held on June 15th at legendary High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania.

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Last weekend marked the inaugural Lucas Oils Fox Raceway Pro Motocross National. It was an impressive day of racing. There were multiple riders battling for the win each and every race. Adam Cianciarulo captured the win in the 250 class, and Ken Roczen put in a strong ride to finish third in the 450 class.




Ken Roczen #94

Ken Roczen was coming off of an emotional round one win, his first since suffering two near-career-ending injuries. He was looking to carry his newly-gained confidence into the Fox Raceway National. The Honda Factory pilot got off to a great start, setting the fastest qualifying time and securing the number one gate pick for the first moto.

In Moto 1, Ken exited the first turn just behind leader Blake Baggett. Roczen would make quick work of Baggett, grabbing the lead by turn three. After securing the lead, he settled into a great pace and started to gap the field. However, in the closing stages of the moto, Ken would come under pressure from Eli Tomac. Tomac would eventually take the lead while Ken would hold off a fierce challenge from Marvin Musquin to finish second.

In Moto 2, Ken got a top-five start and worked his way forward, eventually finishing third. His moto finishes of 2-3 put him third overall. Ken heads into Colorado second in the series championship trailing Eli Tomac by 4 points.


Dean Ferris #103

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing team’s Dean Ferris continues to gain experience in the US Pro Motocross series. The Fox Raceway National would be his second pro 450 race in the USA. The Australian went 10-13 for 11th overall and looks to improve in Colorado next week.




Adam Cianciarulo #92

Adam Cianciarulo was coming off an impressive win at round one and looked to continue where he left off. In Moto 1, he got off to a poor start - completing lap one just inside the top ten. Undaunted, he put his head down and charged through the pack to finish second.

Adam improved his start in Moto 2 and lead much of the race. However, late in the race he came under pressure from Hunter Lawrence who would make the pass with 3 laps to go. Hunter would eventually fall and give the lead and the win to Adam. Moto finishes of 2-1 gave Adam the overall win - his second overall win in a row. Adam will carry the points lead and the red plate into Colorado this weekend for round three.


Garrett Marchbanks #61

At the Fox Raceway, Garrett had to work his way through the pack in both motos. In Moto 1, he started 15th and finished ninth. In Moto 2, he started in 21st and battled back to finish eighth. His 9-8 finishes were enough to take seventh overall.


Martin Davalos #73

It was an up-and-down day for Martin. He was making progress in Moto 1, but a crash would force him to recover for 18th. Similarly, in Moto 2, he got off to a slow start but gain momentum later in the race – going from 14th to ninth by the checkered flag.


Chase Sexton #23

Chase had a consistent day at the Fox Raceway, going 5-5 for fourth overall. In Moto 1, he was part of the fiercest battle of the weekend. This pack of five riders battled for the win throughout most of the race; it was a spectacular show of competition and one of the highlights of the weekend.

In Moto 2, a flinching gate froze Sexton at the start. There would be no restart and he was forced to battle from nearly last place. He was able to work his way as far as forth and even challenged for third, however, a fall would force him to recover for fifth.


Hunter Lawrence #196

The Fox Raceway National was bittersweet for Hunter Lawrence. He qualified in the top-five and had a great start in Moto 1. He was riding in third when the day took a turn. A sequence of suffering bike damage and later a crash led to a DNF.

Moto 2 was a similar story. After starting mid-pack, Hunter worked his way to the front and took the lead with three laps to go. However, he would wash out the front end and go down. He was able to salvage second place. The DNF-2 was enough for ninth overall.


Rj Hampshire #31

RJ got off to an excellent start at the Fox Raceway National. In Moto 1, he battled in a very competitive field to finish second place. This set him up nicely to challenge for the overall, but a bit of bad luck would spoil those plans. In Moto 2, he was taken down by another rider, which damaged his bike and led to a DNF (Did Not Finish). This resulted in a tenth overall.


Christian Craig #38

After sitting out most of the 2019 Supercross season recovering from injuries, the Fox Raceway National would be Christian's second full race back this year. He was looking to improve on his performance at Hangtown. His 6-15 finish was enough for 11th overall – a result which could have been much stronger if not for a late crash in Moto 2.




  • 1 – Eli Tomac (1 - 1)
  • 2 – Marvin Musquin (3 - 2)
  • 3 – Ken Roczen (2 - 3)
  • 4 – Zach Osborne (5 - 4)
  • 5 – Jason Anderson (4 - 5)
  • 6 – Cooper Webb (6 - 6)
  • 7 – Justin Hill (8 - 7)
  • 8 – Justin Barcia (7 - 10)
  • 9 – Fredrik Noren (9 - 9)
  • 10 – Cole Seely (11 - 8)
  • 11 – Dean Ferris (10 - 13)

250 Class:

  • 1 – Adam Cianciarulo (3 - 1)
  • 2 – Justin Cooper (1 - 4)
  • 3 – Dylan Ferrandis (7 - 3)
  • 4 – Chase Sexton (5 - 5)
  • 5 – Colt Nichols (4 - 7)
  • 6 – Alex Martin (10 -; 6)
  • 7 – Garrett Marchbanks (9 - 8)
  • 8 – Michael Mosiman (8 - 11)
  • 9 – Hunter Lawrence (37 - 2)
  • 10 – R.J. Hampshire (2 - 36)
  • 11 – Christian Craig (6 - 15)
  • 14 – Marin Davalos (18 - 9)




The teams will head to Colorado for the third round of the series this weekend.

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Chase Sexton on this dirt bike and wearing Fox V3 Helmet